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*How to find the Perfect Fit*

It is important to make sure you know your size according to our dresses before ordering.

You can see our size guide here!

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49-60 of 127

Set Descending Direction

49-60 of 127

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Long, Elegant & Class

Our DYNASTY LONDON range is perfect if you are looking for something long, yet elegant.

This range screams class and allows the dresses to be worn with minimal jewellery.

Our fabrics and styles of cut make sure its figure appropriate and enhances your beautiful shape

Something short?...

Our DYNASTY COCKTAIL range is perfect for those who want elegance, class and to show off those fabulous legs! Don't fancy a jacket? we have a range too!

This collection is perfect for Mother of the brides/grooms, Horse races and any other special functions you might have to attend!

It's also great to keep in the wardrobe for emergencies!