How to dress a pear-shaped figure

The classic pear-shaped figure is generally smaller up top (bust and shoulders) with a defined waist that curves out into wider hips and a curvy bottom. The trick to balancing this body shape is to draw attention to the upper body by broadening the shoulders and drawing attention to the neckline. Scoop-neck dresses, for example, widen the shoulder as does a tailored jacket with structured shoulders. The Abydos Champagne Dress & Jacket looks gorgeous on pear shapes. Sweetheart or wider necklines also look great, like the Hahnee Black Long Dress. Or go for an embellished top half to draw the eyes upwards, so all the attention isn’t directed to the hips. Also, make the most of a defined waist with design detail in the middle. Lansa Jade Long Dress has an embellished bodice that sits higher on the waist to create an illusion of longer legs and a slimmer waist while beautiful beading draws the eye to the neckline.

Do: draw attention to the upper body. Go for a wider neckline and strong shoulders.

Don’t: go for drop-waist detail. Focus instead on your upper half.


How to dress a rectangular-shaped figure

The rectangular-shaped figure tends to have hips the same width as the shoulders and a straight-ish waist. Your look is less about the curves and more about a straight, elongated look – you’re more banana than apple. To flatter this body shape, accentuate the waist to create curves and go for embellishments to create an illusion of a bigger bust. A flared hemline is also flattering. Muna Midnight Blue Long Dress is a gorgeous design with a beautiful central motif consisting of beads, sequins and diamantes. It also flares out into a mermaid-shape skirt to soften rectangular body shapes. Nahele Royal Blue Long Dress also kicks out at the hemline. Easton Pewter Long Dress accentuates the waist with beautiful embellishments and its slim-fitting design really flatters athletic, rectangular body shapes.

Do: create curves with clever design detail at the waist and bust. Go for a flared hemline.

Don’t: go too minimalist. Have fun enhancing your figure with embellishments.


How to dress an apple-shaped figure

The apple figure tends to be slightly more top heavy with broader shoulders, a full bust and curvier torso. Hips tend to be narrower than the bust. Choose dresses with V-necks to show off the bust line; if you’ve got it, make the most of it. Maui Blush Long Dress has a deep V-shape at the front gathered tightly at the waist to contrast with a fuller hem, which balances broader shoulders. Shorter lengths also suit the apple body shape – check out the Vega Black Short Dress with its deep V-front and back. Our Cocktail collection also features more knee-length looks. Gaetana Royal Blue Short Dress with a V-neckline and 50s skirt has lots of swish and a flattering finish. Evelyn's Emerald & Black Evening Dress also perfectly suits apple shapes – the full, kick-out skirt effortlessly widens your bottom half. Add a jacket with broader shoulders (Bylis Champagne Dress & Jacket) for a more structured look if you want to minimise the roundness of the waist.

Do: elongate your top half. Go for V-necklines to visually lengthen the torso.

Don’t: wear a very high neckline because it can make you look too top-heavy.


How to dress an hour-glass shaped figure

The hour-glass figure has a narrower waist while the hips and shoulders tend to be evenly balanced width-wise. The overall look is a curvy bottom and fuller bust with a nipped-in waist. Make the most of this shape with tailored dresses that celebrate your natural curves. Dresses with V-necklines and waist detail flatter bigger busts and narrower waists. The Histria Black Long Dress is a great choice, as is the Pakwa Dark Green Long Dress with plunging neckline and decorated waist. Our cocktail collection of dresses complements this curvy shape. Short, fitted styles like the Chamaizi Silver/Navy Short Dress or the Amisos Silver Short Dress flatter an hour-glass body.

Do: show off your waist; it will emphasise your curves brilliantly.

Don’t: go for a shapeless silhouette. Fitted designs are more flattering.

STRAWBERRY BODY SHAPE (inverted triangle)

How to dress a strawberry-shaped figure

The strawberry-shaped figure is also known as the “inverted triangle” with broader shoulders and narrower hips and waist. Similar to the rectangular body shape, it’s a popular athletic look. Again, it’s all about balance. Dress to balance the hips so they’re in proportion with the shoulders – fuller, wider skirts are great for this. For example, the Nadie Black Long Dress is a great choice. Or take a look at the Syana Beige Long Dress with its fabulously full chiffon skirt. Lokni Midnight Teal Long Dress has an empire-line silhouette, which balances out broader shoulders. Jacy Ruby Red Long Dress shows off strong shoulders and is beautifully balanced at the bottom with a flared, mermaid-style hemline. Izusa Mellow Yellow Long Dress also has a fuller hemline.

Do: attract attention to the waistline and lower half of the body with a flared or full skirt.

Don’t: go too fussy or frilly on the upper body, keep it sleek with clean lines.